My Black Market was founded by Daniel Lister, best selling author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol. 2, co-authored with Les Brown the #1 Black speaker in the world, and billed as a collection from some of the sharpest minds of our time!

Since a teenager he has been a community activist, teacher and inspirational speaker, travelling up and down the country speaking to schools, businesses and community groups about Black Empowerment, personal development and business development.

After spending many years practising law and finance he attempted to set up the UKs’ first Black Owned bank; taking many meetings with various officials from different financial companies, the plan finally hit a wall when asked to show a target audience for the bank, and with the lack of a Black Community the plans had to be put on hold until there was a way to coordinate the Black Communitys’ spending; enter My Black Market. Daniel is the full time founder and managing director of My Black Market and Buy Black Clothing, a high end urban streetwear fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at redefining the Black image and making it aspirational. It aims to change the peoples mindset and perspective on Black Owned Products and Black Owned Services from something that is synonymous with bad customer service to something that’s associated with quality.

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The Year of the Diaspora Returns starts Today: Nigerians are trailblazers in all facades of life Globally (Pfizer Vaccine, ADB, WTO, Ford, MB, NASSA, IBF, WBO and WBO, etc. yet Nigeria is today Nr. 1 in Insecurity; Kidnapping, Regional Agitations, killing of peaceful ENDSARS Now Movement, double Recessions in 4 years. Time for “Mission Diaspora Rescue Nigeria” .

Join on us on ADC DN 1st Global Round Table On Diasporas Roles in Nation Building. How ADC DN can impact the New Nigeria Project (Nigeria of our Dream) 12.12.2020. Moderator: Pastor Ibrahim Abashi, Leadership Development Trainer & Consultant (John C. Maxwell Team)

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Cornetta Williams Walker – Experienced Counsellor & Psychotherapist

My name is Cornetta Williams Walker

I am an integrative addiction therapist and psychotherapist. As a result of working in different settings, I understand the impact of Adverse Childhood Experience and attachment issues. I believe in working with you or families or communities in a holistic and compassionate way.

I am here to support behavioural change. I have worked with different groups for over 30 years in the UK and Internationally (para- abilities and learning disabilities, LGBTQ+, BAME
communities and Art-based therapy). I am interested in and passionate about positive psychology, whole-system approaches recovery and mindfulness to help individuals with enduring emotional, mental health, and substance issues.  I have a special interest in working with fathers/ mothers who are separated from their children, separation and divorce, fertility, coaching, Domestic Abuse (victims and perpetrators).

I have worked extensively with teams and individuals around race, gender, discrimination, intersection, employment, and personal development

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Efik Leadership Foundation will be having a Volunteers Day on 5th December. Kindly find time to attend the event if you can

Saturday, 5 December 2020 at 09:00 UTC Online with Facebook Live

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H.E. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Fr. President & Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

H.E. Chief (Dr.) Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, Fr. President & Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Initiator, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation

H.E. Amb. Yusuf Maitama Tuggar Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Germany

Ambassador Dr Diana Kenoly, United Nations Ambassador, Global Leadership Strategist and Executive Director at The JOHN MAXWELL TEAM

Ambassador Dr Ada JUNI Okika, Executive Director Center for SDG Global Education USA, The United Nations

H.E. Amb. Joseph Ayalogu (Fr. Permanent Rep. of Nigeria to the UN in Geneva

Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, Chairperson House Committee on Diaspora

Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM)

Andrew S. Nevin, Ph.D., Partner & Chief Economist PwC Nigeria’s, our special keynote speaker

And all our Distinguished presenters and panellist

I also wish to specially acknowledge

Dr. RosaLyn Dressman, Chairman NIDOE-Germany

Distinguished NIDO Europe CEC members

Distinguished NIDO Europe Board of Trustees members

Distinguished NIDO Europe Chapter Chairs and Advisory Board members

Distinguished members of the international business community and friends of Nigeria

Distinguished NIDO Europe members and compatriots

On behalf of the Board of directors and the entire members of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE), I am humbled to officially welcome you to the Day 2 and the opening ceremony of NIDOE Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020.

We are most grateful to God Almighty for the safe arrival of all delegates who were able to make it to Dortmund, and thank God also for the safety of all members and compatriots joining us from the 5 continents of the world.

Every year, for the past 20 years, members of NIDOE gather for the statutory annual general meeting. This year´s AGM is an exceptional one. A hybrid of virtual participation and physical presence at the Event centre in Dortmund, Germany, as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Organizing an AGM in a Global pandemic has been no doubt very challenging and I thank all members of this great organization, especially the organizing committee for an excellent job. Despite the Pandemic the interest and exactment is in no way diminished.

As a matter of fact, with the opportunity of winning former presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Distinguished House Chair on Diaspora matters of Nigerian National assembly and partners from UN, African Union and business partners and policymakers, the crisis of the pandemic  is indeed a BLESSING to NIDO Europe  which  further brings us closer in our goal search for homeland development.

According to the icons of NIDO Europe, they are all in agreements that “When the history of the current leadership of NIDO Europe is finally written, one of the items on the positive side of its ledger will be our success in rejigging Diaspora interest, not only in NIDO Europe´s   Annual General Meetings but also the Global Diaspora leadership of NIDO Europe in addressing critical national issues in search of Homeland developments.

As most of us already know, this will be my last AGM as the Chairman of NIDO Europe: It has been a challenging but exciting 4 years in the service of NIDO, the Diaspora and my father’s land Nigeria. In the last 4 years NIDOE grew from about 13 chapters to over 22 active chapters, doubling chapters and membership in just 4 years. We initiated a Diaspora Housing Project that is currently on its final approval stage that will deliver a minimum of 650,000 affordable housing units in 10-years and Create over 300,000 additional jobs every year especially for Nigerian Youths among other social-economic benefits for Nigeria and the diaspora.

We initiated a Youth Capacity building program that will empower the youths to access 10 Million CBN AGSMEIS loan scheme, and we planned to sustain it with the Diaspora Educational raffle program. We opened the European Nigerian business and investment citizens space for bilateral and multilateral investment opportunities and established NIDOE Abuja office for business and investment facilitation. We expanded our cooperation with ICPC for safe investment for the Diaspora and out partners and also established Diaspora desk at Nigerian Immigration to support Diaspora consular issues for Nigerians in Diaspora and our business partners.

We are currently partnering with BIOSEC, NIMC accredited vendor for Diaspora registration into the National database. In collaboration with Sub Sahara open University, we have initiated Youth Business training and we are also collaborating with them to confront the Covid-19 with NIDSAFE Covid-19 initiative, among others.

The task before us in this AGM is to further evaluate a structured effective and efficient diaspora involvement and participation in the growth and development of Nigeria both at State and Federal level. The conference will continue to look objectively at the development challenges in Nigeria, especially the youths unemployment situation in Nigeria and seek the needed Diaspora intervention in areas of viable partnerships, knowledge and experience, training and transfer of skills, finance and mentorship within the pool of diaspora professional resources globally.

The conference must give their full support for the constitution of Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) in accordance with NIDICOM Act, strong advocacy for the realisation of Diaspora Voting Rights by 2023 and good governance in Nigeria. The Conference must look critically at the ENDSARS movements and its implications for Homeland development and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Nigerian Youth.

Finally, I am extremely grateful to my family that provided me with the family love and support these 4 years enabling, me to offer my humble services to the Diaspora and Nigeria. I thank all my friends and loved ones and the entire NIDOE members for the privilege to serve. I wish all of us a great celebration.

Long Live NIDO Europe

Long Live the Diaspora

Long Live the Federal Republic of NIGERIA

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Eye Health Africa CIC is a new social enterprise dedicated to eye screening, treatments and healthcare for marginalised and under-resourced communities in Africa. 
Eye Health Africa CIC, company number 12480431 is a community interest company registered in England and Wales on the 25th February 2020.
Eye Health Africa was formed out of the successful visiting eye project work done in Africa by the London Moorfields Eye Hospital specialists.

As Eye Health Africa CIC, we are adding to current efforts through collaborative partnerships.


To support the very poor, disabled, and marginalised living in rural areas/slums, who cannot access services, in Africa. Many still do not even go to school.
COVID has exacerbated the access challenges, however, through collaborative partnerships we have continued to do our best and add to ongoing efforts. We want this to continue through collaborative partnerships.

We also want to share learning with/from others internationally and within the continent/Africa, focusing on marginalised groups.


On behalf of the EHA Team, we kindly invite you to the long awaited launch of Eye Health Africa CIC on Saturday 28th November 2020, at 1000hrs GMT London Time. Please find attached the LINK to the information Flyer and downloadable Launch Brochure. 

For any enquiries please contact us: 

CEO – Primrose Magala –
SECRETARY – Penni Wampamba –
STRATEGY – Morris Kusotera –

The registration link is here:

Yours sincerely,

Primrose Magala

Mobile: (UK) +44 7984 885777
EYE HEALTH AFRICA CIC registered in England & Wales, Company Limited By Guarantee Number:12480431

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I’m Lillian Ogbogoh, a Corporate Trainer, Leadership Trainer, Storyteller, Podcast Show Host, NLP Certified Practitioner and an International Speaker. Who believes that it is our birthright to show up, level up, and live the life we want!


I believe that keeping great people in our organisations is a privilege, not a right. It is no longer enough to have people fulfilling job descriptions and fitting into the corporate culture. You want to have people who bring value to the table, you want to be creating leaders in every area of your teams. Working with dynamic companies who are looking at the intrapreneurial skills to keep and develop the best people for their companies.


My purpose is working with women who have found themselves stuck and doubting their abilities. Women who have found themselves sabotaging their businesses, careers, and relationships. Women who know that they are here to make a change to the world and are called to Step up and be seen for the contributions they make in the world.

I work with women to break the loop of fear, overwhelm, and feeling like they are not enough to become that woman from their vision boards. Working with these women to rediscover and unleash the confident, legacy building woman within who is unafraid of becoming the highest versions of herself.


From the precocious kid, who always spoke up for others, to the woman who was fascinated with what makes us tick. I am passionate about loads of seemingly unconnected things from reading the mythology stories, animation, the art of storytelling, Jungian Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy to name a few.

I have worked with women in different ways from setting up networking groups to support amazing women in business. Co-creating an annual event to celebrate Black women in the UK. I have supported women to step into their sensuous feminine selves, how to have the relationship they want by getting them dating again, using archetype stories to create transformational shifts. All the various paths all dial down to getting women to say Yes to want they want! To take ownership of their own power and become the next version of themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I am really excited at the journey ahead of you!

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*Nigeria Community Manchester*

*Nigeria Community Manchester is a non-political, non-religious and not for profit body that represents the cultural, social, welfare and economic interests of every Nigerian in Greater Manchester & friends of Nigerians. We foster the spirit of friendship and unity within and outside the Community.*

*Nigeria Community Manchester work to advancing the education of the wider community on all aspects of Nigerian culture and heritage, and the positive contribution of immigrants of Nigerian decent. We also organise events for children of Nigerians and friends of Nigerians, the elderly and vulnerable.*

*This is achieved through the promotion and development of Nigeria arts, history and diverse & rich cultural heritage.*

Anyone interested in joining NCM should drop us an email –

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The concept of the Trinity in Efik Traditional Belief

©Philip Nosa-Adam

A trinity can be defined as the belief in the existence of three coeternal and consubstantial persons in one God. The concept of three persons in one God can be found in several faiths across the world. Followers of the Hindu religion, affirm a belief in a triune God i.e, Brahma the Creator; Vishnu who represents sustenance and Siva the Destroyer. The Ancient Babylonians also believed in a triune God which consisted of Ninki (also known as Ishtar), Enki (also known as Namakh) and Marduk. The most notable example of a trinity can be found in the Christian faith. Christian adherents affirm a belief in, God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Thus, the aforementioned trinities represent the Divine in its threefold nature.

Before the introduction of Christianity, underlying beliefs of the trinity existed in the Efik traditional religion. Such concepts were more visible in folk tales and were noticed by Rev. Hugh Goldie and Rev. Hope Waddell. Rev. Hope Waddell in his Twenty-Nine Years in the West Indies (1863)…stated,

“It may be added that remnants of a tradition involving the idea of a trinity were found among them. There was one God Abasi and a son of God, mentioned in their inkes or fables and a third or middle God of whom they had heard little and knew nothing. But only a few admitted the existence of such traditions”

Goldie reveals the identity of the supreme God as Ibom Eno. He further defines Ibom Eno in his 1862 dictionary as,

“In Efik mythology, the father of Abasi, according to some nkes*. Hence some derive the names Abasi Ibom and Inyang Ibom, both being sons of Ibom Eno.”

Goldie’s description indicates that Ibom Eno was regarded as the supreme God who bore two sons. Richard Burton in his Wits and Wisdom from West Africa (1865), hypothesizes that the sons of Ibom Eno were personifications of Earth and Ocean. Thus, Abasi Ibom representing the Earth and Inyang Ibom representing the Ocean. With the arrival of the missionaries in Old Calabar in 1846, the Efik traditional belief in a triune God would be replaced with the Christian concept of the trinity. Today, the belief in the Christian interpretation of a Triune God is represented in the Efik prayer, “Itoro enyene Ete ye Eyen ye Edisana spirit, nte emi ekedide ke editọñọ, edi ntre idaha emi, edinyuñ idi ntre ke nsi-nsi. Amen”

©Philip Nosa-Adam

Image caption: A Celtic three headed deity

Image source: Christoph Bacher Archäologie

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We are very pleased to launch our first ever writing contest that will give young people between 9 – 16 years the unique opportunity to publish a short story with the inspiring and young bestselling author of three books from Liverpool, Latoya Likambi!

This is a great opportunity to take those first steps towards becoming a published author and share your unique story and creativity with the world!  We are creating a platform for you to share your work and gain the confidence needed to step out and inspire other young children to do the same.  If this is you or your child, then we want to hear from you! We invite you to register your child/ children for the contest using the link on our website or on Eventbrite.   

Registration has now been EXTENDED and closes at midnight on the 30th of November 2020.


  • You must be between 9 – 16 years old
  • You must register and submit your story by 30th of November 2020
  • Your Story MUST be on family, you can register for other categories from 30th November!
  • Your story must be between 150 – 200 words long
  • You must pay the registration and admin fee of £15 to participate
  • We encourage you to add an illustration/ image to bring your story alive
  • All stories must be submitted via email by midnight on the 30th of November 2020 to

Register today for your chance to be amongst the 50 young people whose stories will be selected and included in a collection of Short Stories Book on Family for publication in January 2020. The book will be distributed globally and a copy will be deposited at The British National Library. 

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